The Hebron School

  • Hebron, Palestine
  • Established 1954
  • Grades K through 6
  • Enrollment of approximately 300 boys and girls
  • All Muslim students
  • Arabic Curriculum

Hebron has a rich biblical history. King David ruled from this region for seven years, and the Israelite spies got as far as Hebron on their mission to spy out the land. Today Hebron is almost entirely Muslim, and this school is the only full time Christian presence.

The Hebron School was founded in 1954 by twin sisters Ida and Ada Stoltzfus from Morgantown, Pennsylvania. After nearly 40 years of loving service to “their children” they turned the school over to Holy Land Ministries. The Hebron School has grown a solid reputation over the past six decades, providing quality education in a safe and loving environment.

Teachers on staff are all fully certified and continue to demonstrate the love and compassion that is rarely found in the other schools in the area. Each morning the school has an assembly time, valuable moments of sharing timeless stories from the Bible while showing the love of Jesus in a very real and personal way.